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 In 2014, a group of few people with extensive experience in the area of technical service of ski resorts decided to use their knowledge to support and help all partners in this niche field.

The result of this think-tank is Tracktech Sp. z o.o. However, as you know: “God is in the Detail”. They just often determine the success or lack of it, thereof in this sensitive – for various factors – industry.

Thanks to our many years of experience, practice and specialist equipment, our services are characterized by precision, speed and professionalism, what in a consequence allows you to minimize the risk – in the case of a failure – as well as giving you the opportunity to deliberate process of preparing the ski resort for proper operation that will bring satisfaction for users and profit for the owner.

Tracktech Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of services in the field of preparation and leveling pistes, design and comprehensive execution of investments, sale of snow groomers, snowmobiles and water scooters as well as accessories for all types of snowmaking equipment and snow removal equipment. We understand well what the word service means, that’s why we realize that we are for you and not the other way around.

Our company

Our company is a team of experienced professionals and engineers in the field of sales, service, design and excavation. We work with professional equipment of well – known brands, which allow us to provide the highest quality of services. A huge number of execution works as leveling and preparation of the ski slopes as well as countless won tenders are the best proof of the high level of professionalism and satisfaction of demanding customers.

By saving the valuable time of our partners, we specialize in the professional and comprehensive implementation of the tasks entrusted to us. Realization of investments or the purchase of the product are always preceded by a consultation in order to ensure high standards and optimize costs as well as the adjustment of the project or product to your needs.

Project documentation, necessary decisions and authorizations as well as acceptances and guarantees are only the final crowning work.

Thanks to the continuous development of our company, applying innovative solutions and modern technologies, work is carried out quickly, economically and, above all, safe.

We are introducing “Tracktech” to still new areas of activity and therefore we have launched the most modern workplace and equipment for professional wheel balancing in southern Poland.

Our motto is: „The business security of our partners is our satisfaction”. Every day we prove that they are not just empty words but real professionalism and reliability so rare today.

If you appreciate the same values, well You hit.


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